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Are there any contribution limits?

There’s a $25 minimum to open an account and start saving. After that, all transactions (contributions, withdrawals, and monthly bank transfers) must be at least $5 per investment portfolio. Contributions are limited to $15,000 per transaction online. To contribute more than this please use a Contribution form.

There’s also maximum account balance limit of $500,000. Once your account balance reaches $500,000, you will not be permitted to make additional contributions unless your account balance falls below $500,000. Once at the $500,000 limit, your account can continue to grow past the $500,000 limit through investment earnings.The $500,000 limit applies on a combined basis if you also save with GET (Guaranteed Education Tuition). For example: if you save $86,000 with GET, you can contribute up to $414,000 with DreamAhead.