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Can I change my investment selection?

Yes. You may change your Investment Options up to two times per calendar year. 

There are two ways to adjust and/or change how your money is invested: 

  • You can sell your portfolio and use the money to purchase a new one. This will be considered an investment change and you can only do this up to twice a year. You can do this online or use an Investment Change form.


  • You can keep your previous portfolio/s, but decide to put future contributions in a new investment option. This allows you to make adjustments over time without selling any portfolios. Please note, this does not count toward your twice per year limit on investment changes. You can do this online or use a Contribution form.

If you are invested in a Year of Enrollment Portfolio, the automatic reallocation of assets within the Year of Enrollment Portfolio based on the age of your beneficiary is not considered one of your twice per calendar year investment changes.